A lavish banquet for Skater Vietnam took place at En-Dee Skate Park last Saturday. Please join with our Red Bull to discover HOT events for young who like skateboarding and love enchanting dance.  

Source: Anyarena.com

Just 10am, there appeared many "talent" gathered from everywhere. With personality style, dynamic and youthful, young people come here not only to show their talent but also experience a relaxing weekend, filled with the energy in hip-hop dance or amazing fly of skateboard. 

Nguồn: Anyarena.com

Certainly, Red Bull cannot be indispensable in such monumental events. Come to this exciting program, Red Bull has been very willing to fill cool "energy" for attendant as well as other people in the competition team. Apart from inexhaustible energy from Red Bull, they can try their ingenuity, smart through the game at the counter like darts, shooting with the photo booth. With extremely attractive gifts like bags, T-shirts or style hats, Red Bull counter has always attracted people and never cool down despite cold rain.

Event took place full day but they all face exudes excitement, vigor until the final minute. That's it, your joy is the energy so that Red Bull can engage and organize the interesting playground or useful activities for the youth next time.

Nguồn: Anyarena.com