3 amazing “pluses" of Red Bull Champion Dash

Increase your strength

If normally you accidentally or intentionally ignore the group workout sessions, or sport dates with your friends, Red Bull Champion Dash is a physical playground for you in a natural, instinctive way.

To overcome this challenge, you of course have to train yourself to have the strength, resilience and virile body shape. So what should you do? You should definitely ask your friends and relatives to join you at the gym a few months before, or play a new sport together to improve health.

If you, your family and friends are confident in your strength without extra training schedule, or simply do not have the time to practice, Red Bull Champion Dash is your free physical examination. 

A medal to mark your completion

The second “plus” of Red Bull Champion Dash does not lie with the “physical, but rather focuses on satisfying your “spirit”. At the finish line, there is a “synergy” eam, always available to boost up your energy.

Team “synergy” with words: When your legs are fatigued from finishing 18 obstacles of the race, cheering words are spoken to help you get back in your spirit, to finish the final stretch.

Team “synergy” with power: Climbing, crawling, hanging, wading through mud, etc. for hours take a lot of your energy. There is nothing more wonderful than enjoying some cold drinks, recharging your energy with your friends after hours of overcoming the challenge together. 

Team “synergy” with surprise: Why surprise? Because when you cross the finish point, there will be a medal falling on your neck to confirm your merit of finishing the race. This is the special reward that Red Bull Champion Dash wants to give to the contestants.

This is the worthy affirmation for what you have accomplished. Because when you smile and look back, you will understand the reasons why.

New surprising friends

Maybe you come to Red Bull Champion Dash with your best friends, but not everyone has a group of friends with similar physique to conquer together. What will they do? With the individual contestants at Red Bull Champion Dash, they have nothing to worry about, because even though their friends are at home, they can make many new friends at this physical playground. 

When you are struggling to climb the rope up the wall alone, there is a helping hand from a strange man of your same age. A person that has teamwork spirit and the courtesy to help you during your difficult moment is not usually a bad friend. Let’s look back at these moments over Red Bull at the finish line to kick start a new friendship. It is so much fun, isn’t it? 

With 3 great “pluses” presented above, how can you easily overlook such exciting challenge from Red Bull Champion Dash?

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Image source: Red Bull Vietnam