4 golden steps to have “11 abs”

If the standard for male bodybuilding are six-pack abs and muscular biceps, the “number 11” abdominal muscles are desired by many women. This is not only an aesthetic standard but also for a strong and healthy body. The “number 11” ab is created by the muscles along the waist line creating two parallel lines. The abdominal muscles are toned just like the men, but much more slim and attractive. 

To sharpen the “number 11” lines, the girls need to have a regular training schedule. Beside daily plank and sit-up exercises at home, Red Bull Vietnam wants to share 4 simple ab exercises for those who want to achieve “number 11” abs: 

Exercise 1 – Plank: Get down on the ground on your elbows and toes. Keep your body parallel to the ground. Your head is positioned so that from your head to your heels creating one straight line. Hold the position for 1 minute.

Exercise 2 – Side Plank: This exercise is similar to the first exercise, but this time you are on your side, leaning against your left or right forearms. Your head to heels still create a straight line parallel to the ground. Hold the position for 1 minute and then change side. 

Exercise 3 – Bridge with folded legs: Lie on your back on the floor or mat, your arms stretch out, lift your hip up high, put both feet on the ground to form the letter A. Your shoulder, hips, and knees should be in a straight line. Next, squeeze your abs and lift your knee up to form a right angle with the hip. Hold the position for 4 seconds, then switch legs. 

Exercise 4 – Bridge with straight legs: Create a right angle between your right leg and the ground. Lift up your hip and your left leg so that your shoulder, hips and left leg be in a straight line. Hold the position for 4 seconds, then switch legs. Repeat the exercise 15 times with each leg. 

Just like the men, the abdominal muscle exercises are not difficult but require perseverance. Maintaining a consistent training schedule plays a big role in the final result of the exercises. 

Just 15 minutes every day with these 4 exercises, you will notice the significant changes with your abdominal muscles. Do not hope you will have your dream abs after only 3 days of practicing the exercises or continue daydreaming while watching the actors with your enviable abs. Always remind and motivate yourself with the fact that it took them lots of hard training to get those abs.

The 4 above exercises are specifically design to enable burn energy efficiently, optimize the training process, mobilize abdominal muscles from different angles, increase the difficulty level, build toned abdominal muscles, and help you quickly achieve strong 11 abdominal muscles right at home. The standards of tiny waist or round belly are over. Get up and practice now to achieve strong and beautiful abs!

Image source: Google