4 poles you have to visit

The concept of “4 pole”: North Pole Lung Cu, West Pole A Pa Chai, East Pole Mui Doi, South Pole Mui Dat, has long been familiar with the travel enthusiasts.

North Pole (Lung Cu, Ha Giang)

Perched at the top of Mount Long Son, Lung Cu flagpole is considered the northernmost point ofVietnam with a 54-square-meter flag, representing 54 ethnic groups. To conquer, you can go buy car or motorcycle, and climb 389 steps.

Lung Cu flagpole

The best time for the travelers to visit Lung Cu is late October, while the “tam giac mach” flowers are in full bloom.

Even though Lung Cu flagpole is supposedly the northernmost point, in fact, the exact point is 4 kilometers away, in the town of Xeo Lung. If Red Bull travelers make it to Lung Cu, let’s go the extra 4 kilometers to visit this milestone.

West Pole (A Pa Chai, Dien Bien)

The 0 A Pa Chai landmark is located at the junction of the borders between Vietnam, Laos, and China, lying at the altitude of 1,864 meters. Among the 4 poles, A Pa Chai is the destination with the most complex terrain.

West Pole A Pa Chai 

The time to conquer the West Pole is from November to March. The conquering roads go through many complex terrain, the travelers must go through 15 kilometers of forests, streams, and slippery slopes. 

Slippery cliff

The trekking path up to landmark 0 is quite bumpy, but you will have the chance to enjoy the panoramic view of the ethnic villages, tall elephant grass fields and leave-dense forests.

Grass field along the trekking path

Once you have conquered A Pa Chai –  location known as “a rooster can wake up three countries, you can be proud of yourself for having passed some of the most rugged mountainous areas in Vietnam.

East Pole (Van Ninh, Khanh Hoa)

Mui Doi, Khanh Hoa

Dubbed as the first point to welcome the sunshine in Vietnam, Mui Doi in Van Phong Bay has long been on the “must-visit” list of many travelers throughout the country.

                Conquering the Easst Pole

The travelers will have to pass through sizzling sand dunes, trekking through thorny grass fields, and tracing along rocky shores to be able to set foot on the East Pole of Vietnam. The determination to conquer such special landmark is a unique experience that everybody should have.

South Pole (Dat Mui, Ca Mau)

South Pole of Vietnam

The journey to explore the South Pole in Xom Mui, Ca Mau is somewhat more pleasant, with straight flat paved road and about an hour traveling by canoe.

Red Bull Vietnam was once shared: “Understanding a country, you should at least know its area and its limits.” If you boast to be a Vietnamese traveler, why don’t you make a plan to conquer these four poles immediately?

Image source: Google