5 sports that help you tone your body significantly

If you are awfully tired of the common sports that everybody practice, Red Bull Vietnam would like to recommend 5 sports that help you tone your body!


CrossFit has been gaining its popularity recently, attracting numerous practitioners worldwide and in Vietnam. CrossFit is a series of short strength training exercises, less than 20 minutes, but the intensity is quite heavy.

The practitioner has to incorporate various motion exercises like sprinting, rowing, jumping rope, climbing rope, flipping tires, lifting, carrying heavy loads and lots of other exercises using one’s body weight. The instruments used include blow weight, single weight, round bar, dumbbells, rubber balls and podium.

This í a great sport for those who want to develop muscles effectively. However, in order to have a wide variety of short intense exercises, appropriate with your body conditions, you should consult with your trainer before practicing.


Boxing is a sport that focus on building resilience, relieving stress, and improving self-defense capability. As a seasoned boxer, you will have very proportional physique with toned muscles. An hour of practicing boxing can burn about 727 calories.


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Boxing maximizes amount of calories burden, effectively reduces stress level, and enhances self-defense and self-confidence. With such benefits, even the girls should try boxing at least once!


Burpees are full body exercised created by American physiology expert Royal H. Burpee. They help burn energy quickly, increase stamina, flexibility and test one’s fitness easily. 

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Burpees makes the whole body work through the coordination between squat, push-up and high jump. Beside being a good quadriceps and glut muscle exercise, one of the most important benefits of Burpees is increasing stamina. Did the Red Bull fans start practicing this exercise for the upcoming Red Bul Champion Dash?


Jogging “does not cost a dime” but helps your body release about 398 calories in an hour. The amount of calories burned depends on running time, distance, and your weight. 

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According to a recent study by British Medical Journal, the best times to run are 7:44 in the morning and 5:44 in the afternoon. Jogging is inexpensive and does not require much preparation. But it can become redundant if you are running alone. Find a jogging buddy and your exercise will become much more fun.

Aerobic dance

Aerobic dance is the perfect choice for those who prefer sports that are interesting and refreshing. Mobilizing the whole body, aerobic dance can burn up to 443 calories in an hour. Additionally, Salsa, Zumba and Hip-Hop are a few other popular choices that you can try. You can train while enjoying the music, why not?

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If you are inspired by any of the 5 sports, let’s get moving immediately! Let’s practice and improve our health!