5 comfortable things you can enjoy only in university

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Freedom of time

If you are accustomed to the routine of waking up at six in the morning to be at school on time and head home from school at eleven, you will find the freedom of time in university a little “strange” at first!

In university, no teachers or parents advises you on when you take what subject. You take the initiative to create a balanced and reasonable school calendar. You can go to classes in the morning and take the afternoon off, or put all coursework in three days so that you can enjoy the rest of the week traveling with your friends or doing other work.

Pressure-free learning

Since you can actively control your schedule, you will find the study pressure fly away. With rational choice of courses and a logical group study schedule, you will find that you can easily absorb the huge amount of knowledge. You acquire your knowledge in your own way. The teachers usually provide guidance and extra experience and information to help you grow further. If you actively take control of your study, you will find learning in university to be stress-free and interesting.

Free to pick your own career

Finance students intern at coffee shops to learn about how the service sector works, communication students “slave” away for a short period of time at studios to learn about the process of making a communication product. You can choose to do anything when you are a student. It is not simply about “earning some extra money”, it is the wonderful opportunity to live, collect experience, building good impression of you in the eyes of the recruiters. 

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During the journey of interning and experiencing, you may realize that the major you are studying in university is not necessarily fitting for you and you may want to forge a new direction, a new field in the future. This is the message that Red Bull wants to deliver with “free to pick your own career”.

Financially independent

The days of “begging” for pocket money from your parents are gone. These working opportunities bring you a decent income. Since this is the money that you make with your own two hands, you can “reward yourself” once in a while. But if you overspend and cannot manage your spending, your wallet will stay empty for long. 

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Testing yourself to the limit

When you are 20 years old, nobody will complain when you come home after 10pm. The fun activities with your friends will be more diverse. You can experience with a new hairstyle, dye your hair an edgy color that allow you to best “express yourself”.

In fact, the difference between maturity and immaturity does not lie in what you wear or how you express. The doorway to adulthood is surrounded with endless knowledge that you need guts to conquer and absorb. It is good if you know what you are doing. If it is just a “spur-of-the-moment” decision, you should know when to stop.

Many of you will feel the “shock” when you first enter the university environment. But this new environment is the opportunity for you to show your determinations to conquer your goals. University is not difficult. Nonetheless, if you do not put your effort into it, you will find it challenging to finish and step into real life. Take time to explore yourself, set clear goals to quickly adapt to the university life, create a strong foundation for your future!

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