A university degree is not everything

Your university journey is full of hard-working moments in class room, sleepless nights studying and practicing, burning aspirations and dreams. It is also an amazing time for you to experience your life with your extracurricular activities, volunteering works or part-time jobs to help you take care of your living cost.

After graduation with degrees in hands, many students ponder upon what comes next. In fact, around 225,000 degree holders, bachelors and masters, are currently unemployed (until the third quarter of 2015). The question is: is a university degree everything?

The alternative choices

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After dropping out of Harvard University, Bill Gates became the founder, CEO, chief programmer of the famous Microsoft, and one of the wealthiest men in the world. In real life, there are many people who do not graduate or decide to drop out from university but still manage to success because they have clear goals and direction.

Of course, we are not encouraging students to drop out. We want to show that you can create your own path that leads to your dream. You just have to understand your strengths and be aware of what you really want to accomplish.

Set up your own business

The old Vietnamese proverb “you can’t get rich without starting a business” (phi thương bất phú) teaches us a meaningful lesson until now. With the rapid growth of social media, it has never been easier for you to start your own business: online shop, offline shopping fair, holiday market, etc.

“After my first start-up failure, in December 2015, I decided to corporate with a few friends who share passion for start-up business to open the first Orisoy shop. I want to encourage people to chase after your dreams, set up clear goals, and have the courage to conquer those goals. Success will come.” This is advice from Mr. Tran Minh Manh – Co-Founder of Orisoy (a chain of tofu shops that many young Vietnamese adore).

Source: Tran Minh Manh

Why don’t you give your start-up dream a try?

Vocational training

Vocational training is a road that can lead you to many exciting careers: a barista, a pastry chef, a DJ, a hairstylist, etc.

Low tuition, short time and high opportunity to find jobs are just a few advantages that lead many young people to seek vocational training. Moreover, if you are hardworking and putting constant effort in your job, you can earn around 8-10 million Vietnam dong per month. It is substantial, isn’t it?

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Gap year

Gap year is a period of time, usually 1 year that you decide to take “time out” after a long period of studying or working. It allows you to do something different, pursuing a goal that normally you don’t have time to do.

You can refresh yourself through participating in social activities, working campaign-based or seasonal jobs, learning a new language, or preparing for a scholarship. All sound very exciting.

Be brave to conquer your goals!

You do not have to be good at the things that everybody else is good. You just need to be good at what you like. Being able to earn a living by doing the things that you love provides a strong foundation for your future. No matter what your goal is, start pursuing it now because now is the time for you to live to the fullest and be brave to conquer your goals!