Bravery to conquer “overflowing” from the world’s largest cave

Having the courage to accept the challenge of the most spectacular cave in the world and successfully finished this unique trekking journey, what wonderful experiences did the golden explorers have? Explore now!

Before the trip, in order to prepare for the itinerary of more than 50 kilometers of forest paths and 4 kilometers of slippery terrain inside, how did the 3 Red Bull gladiators increase their training schedule to “red” level?

Thanh Nhien: Despite having many cave trekking experiences and already a relatively strict training schedule, I still intensified my training and included more “intense” work out exercises because I know that my Son Doong experience will be completely different from my past ones. Moreover, I also collected more tips on cave trekking, how to use devices to optimize the quality of the photos – better capturing the moments from this unique trip. 

Kim Loi: I look “thin” so many people have been doubting my ability to conquer Son Doong (laugh). But I will prove to everyone that my constant effort to go jogging every single day and sweat my way to a few mountains I have been climbing is not in vain at all.

Duy Linh: I normally jog 5 to 10 kilometers every day. Sometimes, I even increase the distance to 20 kilometers, combining with burpees, leg and balance exercises in order to “conquer” the slipperiness inside the cave.

“Astonishing, Excellent, and Satisfied” are three beautiful words that Red Bull gladiators used to describe Son Doong Cave. Let’s listen to the three travelers share about their journey!

Duy Linh: The scenery is great and my teammates are even greater!

Kim Loi: I tried my best to pass through craggy cliffs. One side was the stonewall, the other was the drop. My legs were so tired when I reached the end of the cave. But whenever I looked up, there were my two teammates, always there to help me – the only female trekker. I treasure our relationship.

Thanh Nhien: My satisfaction comes from the overwhelming beauty, the grandeur of the landscape in front my my eyes. My bravery to conquer boosted when I reached “The Wall of Vietnam” at the end of the cave. It was an extremely satisfying experience!

What was the “toughest” obstacle in Son Doong Cave that challenged your team spirit?

Duy Linh: Before embarking on the journey, I feared that I may get claustrophobic inside the cave. But in reality, the high and airy ceiling and the wide space inside helped me overcome my fear. Moreover, the portion that challenged me the most is crossing the river inside the cage. The stream moving fast around my waist made me stressed. But my two teammates were always around, cheering me on. I made it through all the challenges. 

Kim Loi: Even though I had already “overseen” the difficulty of the journey, I was “a bit shocked” when I had to swing down 80 meters to enter the cave. My feet had to cling to any stone edge to create a strong posture. Tensed, suspended, with a hint of fear, I overcame all those feelings when I hit the ground, knowing that my two teammates were waiting and cheering for me. During the struggling journey, they could not help me physically, but the words of encouragement and wisdom that they shared helped me a lot to win over my fear and overcome all the obstacles.

How did the Son Doong expedition awake your bravery to conquer challenges?

Kim Loi: From now on, nothing is impossible. I have overcome the journey that many people doubted my ability to successfully conquer. I will continue my fire, my passion and belief for my upcoming journeys. I will go to any places where I get to learn something new!

Duy Linh: Mount Fuji in Japan will be my next target in 2017. Nothing is impossible!

Thanh Nhien: Mountain climbing is a good idea, I intend to continue conquering a few more mountains (laughing). 

“Red Bull – Bravery to Conquer Son Doong” contest has officially closed but the spirit and the life lessons that are inspiring many aspiring young travelers will keep going for a long time. Best wishes to the 3 gladiators of Red Bull Vietnam to successfully conquer their next goals. Follow Red Bull Vietnam in the year of 2017 because we will have many more opportunities for you to show your bravery. To Red Bull, if you have the bravery to conquer your goals, we will be your best support! 

Image Source: Red Bull Vietnam