How to overcome the 3 toughest challenges of Red Bull Champion Dash

For the ease of overcoming more than 16 challenges together with running 6 kilometers, here are some tips for Dashers to overcome the 3 most difficult challenges of Red Bull Champion Dash in order to get yourselves some advantage:

Heaven Bell

During this challenge, Dashers have to climb a rope up to the very top, and ring the bell to complete.  

For those that have been climbing trees to pick fruit from a very young age, this challenge is somewhat familiar and a touch easier. For those who have never climbed anything in their lives, try this small tip in order to overcome the challenge: alternate your limbs. Your right hand moves up, your left foot releases, making small progress at a time. Left, right, left, right, you will slowly make it to the top.

Keep in mind that in this challenge, if your limbs show sight of fatigue, you’d better finish the challenge as quickly as possible. If you take a breathing break while hanging on the rope, your arms may give up, and you will find yourself taking a mud bath.

Monkey Bars

Arrived! This is the challenge where Dashers show the most creativity. Each one "battles" this challenge with his own tactic. The common goal is to conquer this “railroad in the air”. Monkey Bars challenges Dashers’ “climbing stairs aerially” skill with a steel ladder hanging above a muddy lake.

Some people overcome this challenge by hanging their bodies on the iron road, some others accept the Monkey Bars challenge just with their muscular arms.

Another small tip for both Heaven Bell and Monkey Bars is prepare a good pair of gloves. Please equip yourself with a pair of durable gloves with good traction. They will assist you a lot while you have to hold onto something for a long time

Broken Straw

With iconic design that increases its difficulty and the metal materials to secure durability from inside and outside impacts, Broken Straw is sized so that one person can manage to slither through the pipe. The typical hot and humid weather combining with the body temperature already high from the past challenges, Dashers will truly feel the “heat” burning inside. 

To seamlessly pass this challenge, Dashers should stay calm, do not rush into the pipe. Wait for the first half of your body get used to the heat inside the pipe and then quickly slither the rest of the body in. Most importantly, do not forget that your teammates are waiting and cheering for you at the other end of the pipe.

Red Bull Champion Dash is a race and a fun playground. Teamwork spirit and bravery to conquer challenges are appreciated here. If you need advice with any challenges, do not hesitate to reach out and let Red Bull Vietnam know! 

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