Climbing stairs – the new sport for office workers

There is an undeniable fact that taking the elevator or escalator helps us move faster, more conveniently and more time-saving than taking the stairs. Nonetheless, if you are fully aware of the benefits that come with climbing stairs, you will be surprised:

100 calories “burned” in merely 10 minutes

According to some recent studies, climbing stairs is considered an exercise of high intensity, burning more calories per minute, than walking. Climbing stairs consumes 8 to 9 times more energy than sitting and 7 times more than taking the elevator.

You can burn calories not only on the way up, but also while going down the stairs. The average person will burn at least 0.1 calories per step climbing up, and 0.05 calories per step going down.

Climbing a staircase equals 10 seconds of longevity

You do not need special drugs in the myth to prolong your life. A study conducted in the US shows that for every flight of stairs climbed, you can increase your life expectancy by 10 seconds.

Working in a 20-floor building, with just 15 minutes of using the stairs every day, you can add 3 years in your lifespan.

Increase muscle

When using the stairs, all the muscles in your legs, abs, arms and back are moving. All the muscles moving simultaneously helps you gain a stronger bone-muscle system. The muscular and skeletal movements also enhance metabolism. You can burn more calories. In the long run, your weight and muscle-fat ration can be improved. “Increase muscle, decrease fat” is always one of the goals for the Red Bull gym-goers? This is another form of exercise to help you wake up your muscles!

Free and easy to combine

Needless to say, climbing the stairs is one of the free exercises that generate the best result. You can simply arrive at your workplace or school about 10 minutes earlier than usual, you have the opportunity to do this “all benefits, no harms” exercise. Moreover, waiting for the evaluator or escalator may make you late and keep you in tight stuffy space. Why don’t you choose “climbing stairs” and make it your own way? 

It is easy to combine climbing stairs with any other exercises. For example, you can design a combination of 30-minute jogging + 10-minute climbing stairs with backpack. You have a much more fun and efficient routine.

If you are still doubting the reliability of the benefits that come with climbing stairs, why don’t you try it today to verify? Climbing stairs seems to have no benefits, but actually has unpredictable benefits.

Image source: Google, Red Bull Vietnam