Dream jobs of the traveling fanatics

If you are one of those with the interest in “constantly traveling”, here are the careers you cannot ignore:


The first step is investing in a good camera and honing your skills, and the second step is simply “picking up your camera and going”. You capture the gorgeous moments during your journeys. You can consider selling your photos on websites such as SmugMug.com, GettyImage.com or to a variety of traveling magazines and companies with photography collections. Travel photographer is a career with lots of prospect for the constant travelers in the future. 

Travel blogger

If you are a decent writer, you should write about your experience, the places where you have been, the journeys you have conquered, real life stories and share those on website or online magazines.

You can earn a lot of money through spending a few hours a day to write about your hobbies and interests while traveling with a laptop. You can start by sharing inspiring videos, writing journal entries, reviewing the movies that you have seen, the food that you have savored. From there, you can develop your own blog, personal website, or video channel. Interesting and useful content and images, combining with advertising tools such as Google Ads or display banners, can bring you increasing income, an army of followers and subscribers.

Through sharing your adventures and journeys, you can also connect with people with similar interests, creates a community of people with common aspiration, a second family for yours. Travel blogger is definitely not a bad choice.


Traveling on every road, being known as the “Google Maps that does not require wifi”, a career as a safe and fun driver on all the roads from North to South is worth your consideration.

On every journey, the driver is the most trusted figure. The driver is the master of local cuisine and specialties. He has all the shortcuts and bypasses in the palm of his hand. As a driver, you can enjoy your love for travel, receive trust and love from other people, and make a living. It is a nice idea, isn’t it?

Tour guide

If you have endless geographical knowledge, a passion for travel, outgoing personality and love to share interesting stories with other people, you are an excellent candidate to become a tour guide.

While being a tour guide, you can improve your communication skill, life experience, foreign language. You can also earn a living and satisfy your passion for travel. With many benefits, travel enthusiasts really should consider tour guide as a potential career. 

If you are really passionate about something, you will find a way to make a living out of it. You are completely capable of pursuing a career and achieving successes while living your passion for travel. You should always see the opportunity within the challenge, show your braveness to conquer any difficulties, and make your personal dream comes true. It is the true spirit of the new generation of Red Bull travelers!

Image source: Internet