Enjoy cold Froster Red Bull at Circle K

Have you ever heard of Froster Red Bull? If you have, I bet you are young, dynamic and enjoy to explore new things; for those who haven’t heard about it, please be calm, this has been covering across all Circle K convenience stores.

Froster Red Bull is a product developed by Red Bull & Circle K, with Red Bull as the main ingredient, fronzed in the froster ice machine. Therefore, Froster Red Bull can keep the specific sour & sweet taste of energy drink Red Bull. This is the plus point for “Bò Húc” loyal fans. Many young people feel over excited when “accidentally” drinking too fast in their first trial.

Close-up Froster Red Bull 

With quality being welcomed enthusiastically by young people and good price (Large size: 22,000vnd/cup; small size: 17,000 vnd/cup), after only 2 weeks in September 2014, Froster Red Bull has become the most favorite Froster Drink at Circle K chain.

Froster Red Bull cups on meal table of young people after stressful group study

As a fan of Red Bull, don’t hesitate to come to the closet Circle K stores to enjoy Froster Red Bull and introduce to your friends immediately.