Falling in love with “Labyrinth on the wall”

Since 2005, extreme sport has become the new phrase in the life dictionary of young Vietnamese people that enjoy adventures and conquering challenges. Like an indispensable spiritual meal, Rock-climbing became one of the top favorite sports. The colorful stone pieces, protruding cliff, etc. make the sport seem easy. But in reality, it is not a piece of cake.

“I come to this sport entirely because of curiosity. It looks so easy, why did everyone register to get involved?” – shared H.Ngoc Tram, third year student at Hoa Sen University. 

Source: ffc.com

“At first look, I thought I could make it all the way to the top within 15 minutes. I was in quite good shape. But after I was fully equipped with safety device and looked at the height of the cliff, I got “discouraged”. Filled with fear, scared to make a scene in front of my friends, my adrenaline won, I took a deep breath and started to climb.” – shared Tram.

The rule of the game is very simple, clinging to any piece of stone to climb. You are equipped with all the necessary facilities and required warm-up exercises under the thorough guidance of the coach before you start.

“The first meters, everything was completely under control. At meter 3, I missed a step, got slightly panic but I quickly got back on track. Meters 5 and 7 were definitely not as easy as I thought. My biceps were tired but I tried my best to clutch onto the tiny handles. My coach said firmly: “Push your leg strongly, hold on more tightly, lean close to the wall if you do not want to fail”. The word “fail” is definitely not in my vocabulary. I became stressed with fatigue and confusion of my next steps, my friends kept screaming: “Let go and rest!” but I continued. At meter 9, I let go and hung in mid-air. 

Source: ffc.com

After almost two months of training, Tram conquered her first cliff. “Overcoming difficulties that are not well known, reaching the final ledge, I burst with happiness. Achieve personal success is a wonderful feeling!” – said Tram.

This is the second year Tram pursued this subject. The more she practices, the more exciting the challenges are. Now, she was only allowed to touch stones of the same color from the beginning to the end. There are a few times Tram made a complete plan, but halfway through, she had to ponder in order to continue.

Rock-climbing is entirely worthy to be compared with any other sports. I have to maintain good health condition, logical thinking and challenge myself relentlessly. Every few months, the staff removed the stones from the wall to create new routes. So, your happiness and satisfaction do not last long. You have to continue practicing with tougher routes. Red Bull with full of nutrients is the perfect choice to accompany you in the long-term practice once you have felt in love with this sport.