Go far away and walk through clouds

With the unpredictable weather of Saigon summer, why don’t we go away and explore the destination where you can “touch” cloud, enjoy cool temperature, and adore the gorgeous sceneries right here in Vietnam, our homeland? Da Lat, Da Nang, Sapa are already well-known among the motorcycle traveler community. Let’s be the pioneers in discovering new places. Here are the top 4 “walk-in-cloud” suggestions for your next journey!

Y Ty

Always amongst the top “walk-in-cloud” destinations for motorcycle travelers, the mountainous village of Y Ty locates in Bat Xat, the northernmost point of Lao Cai province, right next to Nhiu Co San Mountain range. At the height of 1,805 meters above sea level, it is covered in cloud and fog all year long. 

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The higher you go, the travel fanatics can just reach out and touch the sea of cloud shimmering under sunlight. The thick leaf layers of the forest hide away the wandering roads and a few old-fashioned cottages, creating a poetic, visually satisfying scenery. Leading a completely isolated world, the small road that links to Y Ty has been improved, leaving the risk of landslide in the past.

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One of the best times to visit Y Ty is harvesting season, from the third week of August to mid-September. The perfect time to go cloud-hunting in Y Ty is from September to March. To see the highest cloud, you should visit between Tet (Lunar New Year) and the first week of April. From May to June, water covers the paddy field terraces. 

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A useful tip is to visit when the sun first shines right after a few rainy days. The warm sunlight will clear away the thin fog layers, reveling the sea of clouds slowly floating below.

Ka Lang

You have to look closely to the left of the northernmost point of our country’s map to find a tiny dot representing the town of Ka Lang, Muong Te, Lai Chau Province – one of the beautiful places to go cloud-hunting that remain unfamiliar to many travelers. 

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The trail to Ka Lang is small, with many dangerous hidden sharp turns, one side is mountain, and the other is steep drop

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The clouds drift above the fences that are made from cleverly arranged stone and wood. Ka Lang creates a vision of “heaven” that every traveler would love to visit at least once in their lives.

Ta Chi Nhu

Located at an altitude of 2979 meters, Mount Ta Chi Nhu (Tram Tau, Yen Bai Province) is lower than famous Mount Fansipan. Nonetheless, the journey to reach Mount Ta Chi Nhu is much more difficult. For adventurous motorcycle travelers who like to go cloud hunting in exotic destinations, nothing is impossible.

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The best time to go cloud hunting in Ta Chi Nhu is from November to March. From sunset to early dawn, the sea of cloud in the sky floats, covering the Northwestern mountain ranges. The beautiful sceneries can satisfy even the pickiest cloud hunter.

Ta Xua

Located in Ban Cong, Yen Bai Province, Ta Xua is the natural border between the two provinces of Yen Bai and Son La. The highest peak reaches 2,865 meters, Ta Xua ranks 10th among Vietnam's highest mountains. It is shaped like prehistoric dinosaur’s spine, posing a difficult challenge for any traveler who wish to conquer. 

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The period from December to March is the perfect time for the cloud hunters. The cloud in Ta Xua is somewhat more visible than those in other places such as Y Ty, Ka Lang, etc. because of the unique natural characteristic of this valley. It is surrounded by mountain ranges that block the wind away, leaving a still sea of cloud. The cloud only evaporates when the sun shines high and the temperature rises

If you are an adventurous travelers who like to conquer many challenges along your way, let’s get together with your companies, pick a destination, and become a cloud hunter!