Heart-pounding moments in the second round of Red Bull – Brave to Conquer Son Doong

The second round of “Red Bull – Brave to Conquer Son Doong” is Red Bull Champion Dash 2016 – an intense and difficult challenge which took place on April 9th in Phu My Hung, District 7. From across Vietnam, the 30 finalists from the first round arrived very early to prepare for this tough race. This race will determine the three winners with the best physique and skills to move onto the last goal: conquer Son Doong. 


The second round of “Red Bull – Brave to Conquer Son Doong” kicked start with full of energy

Players must pass 18 different challenges along the 5-kilometer route, including climbing walls, bearing bluestone on the shoulder while jogging over obstacles, crawling under barbed wire, wading through mud pit, swinging, soaking in iced water, etc. All the challenged are well-designed and carefully constructed to challenge the courage of every player.

Players face many obstacles along the tough race ...


Crawling under barbed wire under fierce sunshine ...

... Or toughen up to wade through "icy river"

These moments are cringe worthy even for those who just see the challenge

Winning one of the three tickets to conquer the spectacular Son Doong Cave, Phan Thanh Nhien shared: “I overcame the 18 challenges of Red Bull – Brave to Conquer Son Doong in an honest manner. That’s why I am so happy and proud to achieve such a legitimate victory. I had an interesting experience and I felt the significance of the journey. Physical strength is not enough to achieve every goal. The most important factor are courage and a strong will. Those are the factors that help ordinary people make all the extraordinary achievements.”

More surprisingly, the only female winner of the competition, Kim Loi could not hide her eagerness: “Until now, I still cannot forget the feeling when I get to know that I am the first woman to finish the race and one of the winners. I am so happy! Since the very beginning when I wrote my submission for the first round, I have  secretly practiced so that if I was to be chosen for the second round, I would try my best to win. However, the result still surprised me. Finally, my dream of conquering Son Doong has finalized come true after all of my effort. For =me, all the 30 finalists all deserve the final prize. I would like to express my gratitude towards Red Bull and all my family and friends who have been supporting and helping me since the beginning to this win!”

The three outstanding winners, from left to right: Phan Thanh Nhien, Phan Duy Linh, Nguyen Thi Kim Loi

Besides, those that had to stop the journey do not regret the time and effort they have devoted because they have received meaningful and unforgettable experience in return. “The race ended. I am full of happy memories in the form of scratches. I have a touch of sadness that I did not get the grand prize. But I realized that I am much stronger than I thought I was. I was able to overcome many difficult challenges that in the past, I could only dare to watch on the screen. I ran 5 kilometers. I never thought I could do that. Seeing some friends with cramps, hypotension, etc. reminds me of myself in the past, when I did not exercise. More importantly, the 30 of us  have now become good friends,” shared Lan Uyen.

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