Parkour “explodes” among the youth

The art of movement

Parkour is a street sport that will lead you from one surprise to the next with visually captivating and adventurous tumbling, flipping, jumping on the roofs. “This magical dance” was created by David Belle back in the 80s in France. It first moved to Vietnam a few years ago and since then, has been gaining popularity as a brilliant combination of other sports: martial art, dance sport, breakdance, etc. 

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The distinction of Parkour is that one has to race through obstacles on various landscapes at high speed and precision. Unlike lots of sports, Parkour does not requires expensive training facilities. You just need a pair of sport shoes which is light, long-lasting and with good traction.

Parkour consists of 15 basic movements like landing, reverse vault (jumping over obstacles), rolling (rounding your body to lower pressure and contact), monkey (jumping over obstacles at high speed), corkscrew (twisting 360 degrees in the air), back flip and other advanced movements that you can practice in the parks, rooftops, abandoned apartment buildings, etc. Every movement requires great strength and flexibility, in order to avoid injuries.  

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Parkour vs. Free Running

People usually mix up Parkour and Free Running. Both are arts of movement. However, when there is an obstacle, Free Running will tumble over it, Parkour will jump, climb on it to get through in the safest and fastest way. Free Running focuses on visual effect, while Parkour emphasizes the harmony in movement.

Do you have the nerve to pursue Parkour?

Parkour first came to Vietnam in 2006. Parkour practioners are called traceur. The Vietnamese traceurs approach the sport through online video clips, then practice together, without professional guidance or appropriate locations. A lot of people think that Parkour is highly dangerous and the traceurs must be crazy to pursue such a sport. 

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In order to meet the sophistication, flexibility, high level of concentration to conquer any obstacle and achieve the “pro” status, traceurs need a source of suitable nutrients like group-B vitamins, taurine, lysine, etc. (all of which are available in Red Bull products).