Son Doong enters Top places you have to visit in the 21st century worldwide

Becoming one of the top 25 places you must visit in the 21st century, Son Doong, Vietnam is definitely in the “wish list” of any adventurous traveler.

Conquering Son Doong is difficult?

"But we don’t ignore it because it is difficult!"

The expedition does not only require explorer patience, courage, but also vigorous health condition, jungle and cave trekking experiences, together with the bravery to conquer nature. Discovering Son Doong will certainly bring to those who love thrills, trekkers and visitors new challenges and experiences. 


Physical challenge – Independent more than ever

Son Doong expedition is not an ideal trip for those who wants a relaxing time. With the risky and adventurous nature, Son Doong requires the conquerors to have physical endurance to overcome touch challenges such as trekking tens of kilometers of forest path, with various terrains like rivers, streams, hills, sinkholes, etc. 


“Multiple knots were tied along the few-dozen-meter rope. One end was attached to a big tree trunk, the other hangs freely. My complete body weight relied on two bare hands hanging on to the role. I had an extremely vague idea of what lies underneath me. I had to drop my body down along the mountain slope. Apart from this single rope, there was nothing else to ensure my safety.” – shared trekker Le Trung Cuong

The journey to explore Son Doong of course does not include hot bath tub for you to relax. All you have is “portable/natural” toilets and here is definitely one of the places where the trekkers show their bravery to accept the challenge. 

Make friends – Renew your positive energy

Son Doong tours are almost always fully booked, by both international and domestic adventurers. The opportunity to explore this mysterious cave with friends from all around the world is a wonderful experience. Improving your foreign language skill, expand your understanding of world cultures, etc. are some other side benefits for those that get to embark on this journey. 



You will be visually stimulated with the 5-million-year-old scenery that has yet to be touched by human modernity during this adventurous journey to Son Doong. A natural source of energy will boost the travelers when they are exploring the world’s biggest cave.

Small tips to conquer Son Doong

  • Personal items (compact clothes, wipes)
  • Professional camera that specialized in low-light shooting
  • Red Bull to help power your endurance, provide energy during the challenging trip
  • Skin medicines, standard first-aid kit