A large-scale festival in order to honor the creativity of street art which was first organized for the youth in Saigon.

Afternoon of 7/2, the biggest Street Arts Festival in Vietnam - Concrete canvasses: The Street Art of Saigon was taken place at Train Station 3A (Ton Duc Thang Street, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City) with the participation of hundreds young people and free artists. This is a new playground for the young to express their love for this art as well as create, meet and interact with each other. At the festival which can be called most special, strange in Saigon till now, first time gathered but almost full of street art types such as: Hip hop dancing, skateboarding, overcome obstacle, fire dance, yoyo performances, magic ... in a vibrant music scene. Catch up with the youthful and dynamic spirit, our Red Bull was there and proud to bring huge energy source, evoke the value of feeling so that young people can confidently experience the feeling of devoting their best, and having fun with street arts.    

Source: Saigoneer

Both young Vietnamese and foreigner are excited to join