The 6 kilometers that seem endless

For those players who still think that the Red Bull Champion Dash challenges are just a piece of cake and have yet to start planning their training schedule, this is your wake up call. Even though Red Bull Champion Dash is a fun event that you can enjoy with your family and friends, it also sets out a series of challenging obstacles for all the Dashers!

Your arms will work non-stop

A series of arm movements back-to-back: climbing, clinging, pulling, swinging, slithering require a pair of strong and enduring arms. Imagine yourself swinging in the air during the Monkey Bars challenge, there is nobody there to help you except your arms. Participate in Red Bull Champion Dash, your arms will operate continuously. You should prepare a series of arm exercises in your bodybuilding and training schedule!

Your legs will run 6km of … uneven road

The 6 kilometers are not designed exclusively for… running. You will have sometimes for your legs to relax while you are… swinging in the air during Red Bull Champion Dash. At the same time, a few challenges that involve gripping, clenching, climbing like Sand Trip, will require the strength of your legs in order to overcome. 

You can equip yourself with reliable-fit-strong legs before the 6-kilometer challenge of Red Bull Champion Dash by daily jogging and various leg exercises. 

Your limbs will coordinate, your brain will stay awake 

In the “bell of paradise” Heave Bell challenge, your limbs will have to coordinate harmoniously so that you can ring the bell at the top. The Balance Beam is both a physical and mental challenge. You have to stay awake, keep your body in great balance. Otherwise, you will get to take a fun mud bath and have to return to the starting point. Red Bull Champion Dash is where you have to show your steel mind.

Red Bull Champion Dash is unpredictable

18 challenges have been revealed. Nonetheless, Red Bull Champion Dash is surprising the participants with two secret obstacles that will not be revealed until the very last minute. If you have experienced the feeling of hanging upside down in Prison Break or crawling so low in Under Enemy Line, you constantly look forward to the next challenges. The extreme “Top Secrets” of Red Bull Champion Dash will bring you from one surprise to the next, from hanging in the air to crawling on the ground. 

The glory after conquering all challenges with your bravery

Right after finishing the race, each participant will get a medal, resuscitate with a big gulp of Red Bull and rock it out with your family and friends in a huge dance party with international musical talents. 

Do not let the difficult challenges scare you, but do not be cocky either. The more difficult the challenges are, the more bravery it requires to overcome. See you at the upcoming Red Bull Champion Dash in Hanoi on 29th October, 2016. What are you afraid of? You conquer Red Bull Champion Dash because you want to. 

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