The steps to "morph" into a “cave” man

To become a "cave" man with the strong physique, ultra-reliable health ready to embark on the challenging journey into Son Doong – the world’s largest cave, how did the three Red Bull gladiators prepare?

Phan Thanh Nhien - Train regardless of space and time

Phan Thanh Nhien chooses his own training schedule entitled “Train everywhere”, smartly dividing his time into smaller sessions. From the park, his office, to the bedroom at his home, all become his portable gyms.

50 push-ups, weight lifting, pull-ups every day increase his lung capacity. In addition, he practices leg exercises such as running in place and stretching his calves. With a strict and rigorous training routine, Nhien confidently believes that the upcoming trip to Son Doong will be a unique experience in his impressive series of journeys.

Phan Thi Kim Loi – The “well-prepared” girl

To prepare for the challenging and adventurous journey, especially for a female traveler, Kim Loi spends more time preparing the essential items for the trip. Travel is to explore and experience. Besides, the journey to Son Doong needs to be safe and environmentally friendly. She chooses compact items that are made from materials that do not pollute the environment inside the cave. Moreover, she also prefers items that incorporate many features, such as multipurpose knife, fuel-efficient flashlight, etc.

Every day, Loi notes five tips on how to arrange the items, most efficiently utilizing every space in her backpack. She shared: “If I do not know how to arrange my items carefully, it will waste me a lot of time and strength to revive and keep up with everybody else in the team. So, for me, strength lies in the subtleties of my tiny 'companions'!”

Phan Duy Linh - If you want to conquer, be a constant mover

Duy Linh runs 8 kilometers every day without any disruption in order to build up his supple legs, utilizing his own will and determination. His training schedule also incorporates exercises such as push-ups and cycling. Long-distance running is not just a crucial part of Linh’s training schedule. It is also his passion. After running, he feels his mind becoming more lucid, his stress decreasing and his ability to solve problems increasing. Long-distance running creates Linh’s suppleness and agility while conquering physical challenges. Linh believes that this light – ripped combination will help him conquer the Son Doong expedition more easily.

Which “cave” man will inspire you the most?

Three gladiators have three different “morphing” formulas to conquer the great Son Doong cave. Red Bull Vietnam believes that each of them will have their own wonderful and memorable experiences. In your opinion, which one of the three winners will inspire you the most after the trip?

Follow their journey this upcoming August, 4th – 10th!

Image source: Red Bull Vietnam