Privacy policy

Visitors agree to this Privacy Policy when using this website. Your usage of the Website indicates that you agree to all terms of the policy. Therefore, you should not use this site if you disagree with any part of the policy.

This website is designed for the majority of people aged 16 or older, and we do not intentionally collect personal information from children under 16 year-old on this website.

This Website may contain links to other websites which are not operated by Red Bull (Vietnam) Co., Ltd (RBVN). RBVN is not responsible for the practice of the security and content of these websites. RBVN recommends that you should review the privacy policy of the websites.

1. The type, the usage purpose and the scope of the information that we collected

Personal information

We will collect personal information about you such as your name, address, phone, email, facebook address,... when you provide us on the website for subscribing to e-mail, contacting with our customer service, creating account, participating in games or interacting with the website,... Your personal information may be used by us for all purposes, including, but not limited, to meet your needs, for administrative purposes such as conducting contest, award.

If you choose to give us your personal information, we may share your personal information with affiliated units ("related subjects") for the purpose of sending you information about our programs, advertising/promotional information of RBVN. We may also use your personal information for internal business purposes, such as user experience optimization, business analysis and management.

If you give personal information in the "Career Opportunities" module on this website, we will not share your personal information to third parties and only use internally for recruitment purposes.

Demographic Information

We may also collect demographic data, such as your birth date, gender, geographic location and postcode. Demographic data can be used to design website that suite your experience, such as showing you content that may interest you such as special event and advertisement, displaying content in accordance with your location and zip code.

General information without any user identifier is sometimes shared with strategic partners, distribution companies and advertising agencies of RBVN.

Other collected information

This website often requires the usage of encrypted or unencrypted cookie. Cookie are data that a server transfers to a personal computer for archival purposes. Cookie is used by most websites, helps facilitate users access continuously to a specific website, for example using information provided to show helpful content for you and for other purposes, such as personal identification, security and account protection.

Cookie does not cause damage to computer system or your files, and only the website transfered cookie to your computer can read, edit or delete cookie. If you do not want your information collected through the use of cookie, there is simple procedure in most web browsers that allows you to delete, automatically refuse cookie or choose to reject/accept the transfering of certain cookie to your computer. Please refer to the instruction of the web browser you are using, or learn more about how to use cookie. You should note that the refusal of cookie may make it difficult for you to use this website.

Some cookie connecting to the website can be under the control of the entity which RBVN retains to manage certain programs and implement access or by specific requirements of customers. RBVN requires these entities to limit the use of cookie by such policies, but RBVN is not responsible for the use of cookie by third party.

Website can use the so-called "pixel tags", "web beacons", "clear GIF" or other similar technologies (collectively referred to as pixel tags) for aggregated statistics about the use of website and response rate. Pixel tags allow us to count the number of people who have visited certain pages of the website, provide branding services and determine the effectiveness of promotional campaigns.

RBVN also collects reference information, IP address and other information related to user’s behavior. Reference information is the information that website browser access to our website server related to the URL from which you came. The IP address is the number used by networked computers to identify your computer before transmitting data to you. The information related to user’s behavior includes the area that you access the Internet, the time you access this website, type of web browser, operating system or used platform, the address of the website you visited before this website, the name of the websites you are visiting while accessing this website and the address of the website you then visit. This information is collected for internal use of RBVN, such as to enhance website security, to detect demographic trends, to assist RBVN in providing content that suits your interests and to enhance your experience on this website. These information can also be shared with third parties on the basis of unidentifiable information.

Contest, game & other similar activities:

  • We can organize activities such as lucky draw, contest, game with or without prizes and similar programs through the website. When participating in these programs, the website may require you to register online. We usually ask you to enter personal information such as name, phone number, email addresse, contact. When register, you agree that we may share your personal information to sponsors, third parties involved in the organization, operation, awarding of the activities and legal authorities.

  • In some activities, this website allows users to submit their own content. Depending on the regulations of each activity, the information you share could become public information and you should consider carefully when decide to disclose personal, financial or other information in the content you create. RBVN can not prevent such information being used in violation of your privacy, security and the Law. RBVN is not responsible for the consequences of sharing this information.

  • You should carefully review the terms & conditions on the website of the activity you want to participate, as it may contain additional information regarding the usage of your personal information. If the new provisions conflict with terms of this policy, the new ones will be applied to settle conflict if any.

Please acknowledge that we can share information, including identifiable information you provided, with the subjects in section 3. It means that we may transfer information to any country in the world, including Thailand and other countries that do not provide the same level of data protection as the country in which you reside.

2. The duration of archiving information

We carry out all reasonable steps to ensure that we only store information about you in a necessary duration of time for the purpose which the information was collected for in accordance to the Law.

3. The persons or organizations that can have access to collected information

RBVN can share the information you provided on the website, with third parties as described below for the purposes described in Term 1.

Related subject

We may share information, including personal identifiable information you provide on the website, with our distribution company and our branch.

Strategic partnership

Over time, we can participate in a special relationship with another company not owned by or affiliated with RBVN to provide additional features for this website. These special relationships may include business partners, sponsors or co-branded websites (co-branded pages). Any information, including personally identifiable information you provide on one of these co-branded pages will be shared with strategic partners. By participating in activities or to provide information on co-branded pages, you also agree that we can provide your personal information to third parties. Because these third parties will use your information consistent with their own security, you should check their website for their privacy policies.

Service Provider

We may use third party services to support our business activities, website operation or carry out activities on our behalf, such as sending emails, implementation and management game with prizes. We may share your personal information to third parties for these limited purposes if you participate in lucky games, entertainment games with prizes or gifts, we will share your personal information with organizing companies and authorities.

Share information to other subjects

Personal information of website visitors can be shared to companies outside RBVN for reasonable purposes as follows: the permission of the law, in case of transfer of ownership, assets or bankruptcy of RBVN, in case we determine that disclosure of specific information is necessary to match the requirements of law practice or legal authorities or other management processes, or to protect the rights and security of RBVN and website visitors.

4. Address of the company that collects and manages user’s personal information

Red Bull (Vietnam) Co., LTD

Ha Noi Highway, Binh Thang, Di An, Binh Duong

Tel: 0274 3749764-7

Fax: 0274 3749768


5. Means and tools for users to access and edit personal data

If you wish to edit your personal information, please contact us at the information below:

Red Bull (Vietnam) Co., LTD

Ha Noi Highway, Binh Thang, Di An, Binh Duong

Tel: 0274 3749764-7

Fax: 0274 3749768


6. Commitment to secure user’s personal information

We operate completely within the framework of law and commit to comply with the legislation of the Government. We commits to protect personal information of visitors and use it in accordance with the purposes mentioned in term 1. Unless requested by the authorities, the law, or in case we believe that it is necessary and appropriate in order to comply with legal requirements, we have the responsibility to provide the data of your information. We only give personal information of user when making sure that this action is in accordance with the law, protects the rights and property of the people using the website, of RBVN and of third parties.

In case of force majeure such as hacker attacks, we will notify the incident to the relevant authorities for investigation and timely treatment.