The stage for professional stuntmen is ready to explore in Hanoi

Continue the fire burning from Red Bull Champion Dash race in April 2016 and meeting the long expectations of the Dasher community in Hanoi, the “stage for stuntmen” will return on October 29, 2016 at Ecopark, Hanoi, Vietnam.

An “upgraded” journey

If the 5-kilometer distance of last year’s race was only “acceptable” for the demanding adventure fanatics, this year’s 7-kilometer journey set in Ecopark will satisfy the thirst for challenge from the Dashers.

The track of Red Bull Champion Dash is never “a piece of cake”. The 7 kilometers will bring you real unique experiences and lots of funs with the “challenging” obstacles along the way. You will hang in the air, you will wade through mud, you will balance, etc. After the race, you may not be able to remember every single details, but you will definitely retain those strong impression and experience from each obstable.

“Always new” challenges 

The race for the Dashers this October is the combination of 18 obstacles. If you gone through those challenges such as Monkey Bars, Heaven’s Bell, Muscle Therapy, etc., you may think you have an easy ride. Dearest Dashers, “old challenges, old rules” is not applied at Red Bull Champion Dash. The obstacles this year have been improved and upgraded to create an interesting experience for the contestants and maybe slightly more challenging. We know you have had a long time of training to redeem yourself at Red Bull Champion Dash. 

In addition, the new challenges such as Cliff Hanger is not only physical obstacle, but also train your “brain muscle” while you try to find the best way to overcome it. 

Beautiful performances from the “stuntmen” Dashers 

“Strong, attractive, visually satisfying” are those adjectives used euphemistically to praise the stuntmen on screen. But for Red Vietnam, “heroic, brave, incredible” are those used to describe the Dashers – the stuntmen at Red Bull Champion Dash, the people who dare to show bravery to conquer their goals, showing their best performances at the adventurous challenges. 

They step out of their comfort one to collect meaningful experiences through expressing teamwork spirit, and learning more about themselves. The Dasher motto of never giving up and leaving anyone behind has been fostering the growth of Dasher community since its first day in Vietnam.

Red Bull Champion Dash is designed by outdoor sport and adventure organizing experts, with many years of experiences on obstacle building, creating a race that is perfect for mental and physical training for the Dashers. The race is a perfect opportunity for the contestants to challenge their capacity, reward their accomplishments with valuable prizes.

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Image source: Red Bull Champion Dash