Watching others succeed through your lens, depressed or jealous?

Behind the gorgeous footage, the models appearing on video with their best angles, it is a whole camera crew silently working.

Here is a short interview with Khoi Nguyen (Cameraman, 24 years old) pursuing a career in Cinematography and Production. Beside  a long list of films, receiving certain success, he had faced a lot of obstacles from family and friends while pursuing his passion.

How does pursuing this career affect your relationship?

“Every career has its own impact on your relationships. This career requires you to work overtime, with no fixed working hours. I do not even have time to join meals with my parents. Only friends in the field understand this challenge. My old friends think that I am “egotistical”, unavailable to join, so the class reunions are not as fun as they used to be. Sometimes I felt alone, spending more time with Red Bull than with my loved ones. But it is my passion, I have to pursue it.”

Do you feel sad, realizing that not all your hard-working effort is being recognized by others?

“It depends. Some people do not like to appear in photos, when you move your camera towards them, they avoid and cover their faces. On the opposite side, some people enjoy just a few seconds on screen. I personally prefer to work behind the scene, controlling the machine. I do not need a lot of people to know, just the people in the crew are enough.”

What are the advantages and difficulties while studying and working in this field?

"Being able to put the things I learn into practice helps me remember the lessonslonger. In addition, practicing on a real studio brings many new situations that you were not educated in class. I can bring these questions to my teachers and classmates. Moreover, it is difficult to manage the time. After a few consecutive days of filming, I miss classes due to time conflict and lack of energy. My study sometimes gets interrupted.”

Do you ever want to change your career to satisfy your family?

"Initially, my parents discouraged me to pursue this career due to the fear that I will suffer. But I do not suffer, I am very happy because I get to do the things I enjoy, meet many new friends, and even celebrities (laughing). I eventually receive the support from my parents. I will stop this career when I feel I need to change. But it is definitely not now. I have invested a lot of effort to reach my position, so it is not easy to just give up.

Filming is a profession, not an academic major. Countless working nights with extreme stress, unfinished cigarette packs, dozens of energized Red Bull cans are the faithful friends that understand the videographers from studying, practicing to mastering. It is not difficult to pursue an academic career. The challenge lies in whether or not you are passionate about your career. Red Bull, as a companion and a friend, is always ready to give you the support to pursue your dreams.